Titanium Rings Information

Titanium Ring Information

Titanium Grade

Our rings are extremely strong and durable, at least 7 times the strength of platinum and carved from solid titanium bars to precise specifications to create a seamless band.
All of our titanium is completely non-allergenic, perfect for those of us with extremely sensitive skin and will not produce any skin discoloration. Our titanium rings require so little care that you can just relax and enjoy wearing your ring.

Aircraft Grade 6-4

Our aircraft grade 6-4 (6% aluminum, 4% vanadium) titanium is ultra strong & perfect for those of us who like to thunk & bang around a bit more...

Aircraft grade 6-4's tensile strength = 167,000 p.s.i. (Pounds per square inch)


About Our Titanium Rings

  • Exotic, unique and cutting-edge, titanium is the stuff of dream rings, rings that will last and can be passed on for generations to come. Titanium is a performance metal, used extensively in aerospace where strength and weight really count.
  • The inside of your ring is as important as the outside! Shaped for unparalleled comfort and highly polished, the inside feels soft and smooth as silk on your finger. We take extra time to shape and polish the inside surface just right, as soon as you put it on you know it's right!
  • Titanium rings are a very exclusive product, hard to find in stores and rare to find anywhere with decent selection, if you found us you're in the right place for selection, quality, integrity and great customer after sale care!
  • Titanium is a natural element (not an alloy). It is a strong and very light metal with an outstanding resistance to corrosion. In its raw state titanium is sponge-like in form and is silverish in appearance.
  • Titanium rings are featherweight, approximately 30% the weight of platinum and much easier on your pocket book! And did we mention... titanium doesn't tarnish at all.
  • Our classic titanium and gold inlays go with many styles of titanium and stainless steel watches. A great compliment to each other in the matte texture. Notice the blue also goes with many styles of steel & blue watches–it's a natural match!

Blue Anodized Titanium Rings

  • The blue colors you see accenting the titanium are a layer of titanium oxide we've anodized onto the titanium in an electric anodizing bath. At one time the entire ring was a beautiful rich blue, but alas the oxide will scuff off of the surface all to soon and so reluctantly we polish it off...
  • This blue oxide is naturally protected within the depths of the blue channels. The channels rarely need cleaning but when they do use an old soft toothbrush & soapy warm water (scrub gently).


Titanium Rings Studio

Titanium Rings Studio
11427 North Bloomfield RD
Nevada City, CA 95959
(866) 369-4161

  • We have been working with titanium and it's alloys for over 14 years. We offer uniquely colored pieces and have extensive experience in the anodizing of titanium & it's alloys.
  • We are artists first, machinists second. Our rings are not mass produced on a CNC lathe or mill. Each piece has been shaped and sculpted by one of three qualified and skilled artists. Our policy is to make each ring as if it were for our own personal use or it won't get out the door!
  • You really will appreciate our craftsmanship. Titanium is a very tough metal to work with and it's worth the extra time for the unparalleled comfort feel and look.
  • We stand behind our product 100% and will give you with the best in customer care & satisfaction! Count on it!
  • Titanium Rings Studios was established in 1988 purely out of a love for titanium.